As one of the founding members of the Good Neighbors of Capitol Hill, the Lutheran Church of the Reformation has graciously agreed to handle all donations for the refugee resettlement efforts. Please Donate and use the “Refugee Resettlement” box to designate your donation to this ministry.

Donations from credit cards, checking, or savings are accepted.  Donations are tax deductible and will be processed by the Lutheran Church of the Reformation (LCOR).  All money donated goes directly to fund refugee efforts.

During this difficult time of COVID-19, most all of the wage-earners from the families in our network have been furloughed without income.  Social Service agencies are providing as much support as possible, and GNCH is assisting Lutheran Social Services and other agencies through the generosity of our donors.  All funds are given to support the needs of the Afghan and Salvadoran families we have helped to resettle.

Thank you for your generosity!