Get Involved

We recognize that different people are called to assist refugees in different ways.   We’d love for you to get involved in whatever way you feel called.


The Good Neighbors Capitol Hill project is currently expanding its volunteer program to help refugee families continue to assimilate into the US. We have many new volunteer opportunities to help all of the family members, particularly the women, to improve their English language skills, to seek improved employment opportunities, and to successfully address the challenges of not just surviving, but thriving, in a new culture. The different volunteer committees are shown below.


  • Commit to working on English language skills
  • Assess skills and interest of the student
  • Meet with the individual weekly at an agreed time.
  • Develop a relationship with the focus on learning and supporting the individual in their progress.
  • Take advantage of materials and training offered by GNCH and other support agencies.


  • Communicate with LSS/NCA job liaison
  • Seek our refugee friendly employers
  • Assess skills / interests of employable adults
  • Help draft a simple resume
  • Continue support for job applications and follow-up


  • Work with Finance Team to identify/cultivate funding sources
  • Organize fundraising events ( Concerts, dinners, etc)
  • Work with Communications Team to publicize fundraisers

Furnishings and Supplies

  • Coordinate with other congregations using the LSS list
  • Encourage congregation to donate items from supply list
  • Collect/deliver donated furniture to residence
  • Purchase items not donated or create alternative donation plan


  • Coordinate with other teams for transportation needs (on occasional basis)
  • Secure car booster/seats for children under 8
  • Instruct family in local public transportation


  • Craft messages for distribution to GNCH congregations and list serves in the community
  • Help get the word out to others
  • Maintain and updated GNCH website and google groups

All we ask is that volunteers bring a commitment to mentoring individuals and families as they transition to a new life in the States. These families need friendship to gain trust and confidence in a new culture. They need continuity in their relationships and support to thrive in their new country.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help!  Please email if you would like more information.


Please donate and use the “Refugee Resettlement” box to designate your donation to this ministry.  Donations are tax deductible and will be processed by the Lutheran Church of the Reformation (LCOR).